Our Processes

Change is the core of all socio-economic activities which governs and coins rules of the game in all sectors of life. Since printing is associated closely with this mechanism, therefore naturally it should have the capacity to cater on demand, irrespective of its peculiar functionality, in any field of life.Printing encompasses variety of methods namely, OFFSET, FLEXOGRAPHY, ROTO-GRAVURE, DIGITAL PRINING etc, to ensure remarkable transferring & imparting of images on all available hard or soft surfaces, making it economically viable.


Offset printing process is the most popular method in use for printing on variety of surfaces for example paper & duplex board in many strengths. Devised, latest printing machines serve corrugated boards, which are especially made to cater export orders of cosmetics & medicine packing needs.

Flexo Printing

Flexo printing process serves imparting image on flexible nature surfaces for example polythene, poly-propylene & cellophane etc. The process services have been extended to cater file film as well.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is the latest entrant in the printing technology, which has its peculiar advantages over aforesaid methods. Being digital it does not employ any printing plate, polymer plate carrying image to be transferred. Soft image is sufficient to print on various grades of paper giving close to original copy results.

Metalized Printing

Metalized printing is yet another innovation in the printing technology, which makes use of metal film as base to create glamorous & rainbow shades as the reflective result of natural luminosity of the metal cosmetic industry is baffled & seems to be crazy with the special effects achieved through this method. Using special technique & transformations the results produced are faithful for halftone & line work.